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Vietnam Visa on Arrival
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Vietnam Visa on Arrival


Just $10 for a 1 month single entry approval letter. Please note that an Approval Letter only works when you fly into Vietnam. Travelling by land requires a pre-arranged visa.

For the majority of countries a visa for Vietnam is still required and to be safe, in general, passports should be valid for six months from the date of entry into Vietnam. Visitors must have a visa before entering Vietnam. Lion King Travelcan arrange this easily and quickly for you.There are basically 2 ways to get a visa for Vietnam. The first one is to arrange it in your home country but it is for sure more expensive. The second way is to apply for a so called Approval Letter (visa authorisation letter). This is a formal document that gives you permissions to fly to Vietnam (you will be denied on your flight without either a visa or an approval letter!). On arrival at the airport you can then go to the Visa on Arrival desk and apply for a Visa on Arrival. For this you need to handover the following information:

1. Approval Letter

2. Filled in Application Form (we will send it to you)

3. Passport picture

4. Passport

5. Visa stamping fee of $25 (for single entry 1 month visa)

You'll be given back your passport with visa shortly after.

To directly apply for you Approval Letter you can use the link below which will leed you to an online fill-in form. After you filled it in (be sure that it is complete and correct) and submitted it we see it in our system. We will then send you email for payment and apply for your Approval Letter after payment. Once received, we will send you the Approval Letter along with the Application Form and all other information about the procedure at the airport. Normally the application process for the Approval Letter takes 2 to 3 working days for single entries, for multiple entries it is 4 working days. Please remind that the immigration office is closed on Saturdays and Sundays. Please keep this in mind when you apply! Urgent applications are possible but the costs are higher!

Please be aware that Get Up And Go Vietnam can not be held resposible for incorrect submitted information. For Dutch citizens for example passport numbers don't contain the letter O so this should always be the number 0. Our system is also set up that dates should be entered as month, day and year, MM-DD-YYYY. It is always possible to send ( us a copy of your passport anyway so we can take full responsibility for your application.

The standard fees we charge for these document, for most countries*, are:

- Approval Letter for a single entry 1 month visa $10 per person

- Approval Letter for a multi entry 1 month visa $17 per person

- Approval Letter for a single entry 3 month visa $20 per person

- Approval Letter for a multi entry 3 month visa $30 per person 

Effectively, an Approval Letter for 1 month is 30 days and for a 3 month Approval Letter it is 85 days. Please keep this in mind during your application!

Stamping fee is the fee you are required to pay at the International Airport Immigration Counter in order to get the official visa stamped in your passport. The stamp fee must be in cash USD, VND or Euro. Credit cards are not accepted.

  • One month and three month single entry: decrease from $ 25/ per person
  • One month (30 days) multiple and three months multiple entries: decrease from $50/ per person


Below the countries that don't need a visa to Vietnam for a short stay:

Myanmar 30 days
Japan 15 days
South Korea 15 days
Philippines 21 days
Singapore 30 days
Thailand 30 days
Malsaysia 30 days
Laos 30 days
Indonesia 30 days
Brunei 14 days
Cambodia 30 days

Sweden 15 days
Finland 15 days
Denmark 15 days
Norway 15 days

Russia 15 days

Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

* There are a few countries that require a higher fee, we will inform you a.s.a.p. if this is the case for your application.

Some helpfull tips for filling in the Visa Application Form;

1. Full name according to passport
2. Gender (M/F)
3. Date of Birth
4. Place of Birth
5. Nationality at birth
6. Current nationality
7. Religion
8. Profession (can be student)
9. Employer and address
10. Current address
11. Family members (in case of an emergency and they need to contact someone)
12. Passport number - Type for most people is Tourist Passport - Issuing Authority - Who issued your passport
13. Date of previous entry in Vietnam (if not applicable fill in N/A)
14. Planned entry date into Vietnam
15. Purpose of your visit (for most tourist)
16. First planned overnight Vietnam (hotel/ hostel)
17. Fill this in only if you are on invitation visiting Vietnam (business purpose for example, otherwise N/A)
18. Mention children travelling on your passport, otherwise N/A
19. Type of visa application, single or multiple entry 1 or 3 months, date of entry and expiry date (this info is on your Approval Letter)
20. Mostly N/A

Hierbij wat extra informatie voor het invullen van het Visa Aanvraag Formulier (Visa Application Form);

1. Volledige naam volgens paspoort
2. Geslacht (M/F)
3. Geboortedatum
4. Geboorteplaats
5. Nationaliteit bij geboorte
6. Huidige nationaliteit
7. Godsdienst
8. Beroep (kan ook student zijn)
9. Werkgever en adres
10. Huis adres
11. Familie leden (voor het geval ze iemand moeten contacteren)
12. Paspoort nummer - Type paspoort voor de meeste Toeristen Paspoort - Issuing Authority - Welke instantie heeft Uw paspoort uitgegeven (meestal gemeente)
13. Datum eerdere entry in Vietnam (indien niet van toepassing, vul in N/A (not applicable))
14. Geplande datum dat je Vietnam in reist
15. Doel van je bezoek (voor de meeste dus tourist)
16. Geplande eerste overnachting in Vietnam
17. Alleen invullen indien je op uitnodiging naar Vietnam voor bijvoorbeeld zaken, anders N/A
18. Vermeld kinderen die op jou paspoort reizen, anders N/A
19. Visum aanvraag type, eenmalige (single) of meervoudige entry (multiple), ingangsdatum en vervaldatum (info staat op je Approval Letter)
20. Meestal N/A

Is iets niet van toepassing vul dan N/A in!

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